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Student Life

We know that you are a generation of leaders and free thinkers! To enable your talent, the Institution offers and supports leadership activities. Here are some examples:

Ocean Action

Team Building Planned by students for students; activities in ocean action focus on relating socially to your fellow colleagues. This is a team building exercise. Such relationships strengthen how students engage with each other in class, especially enhancing group activities and assessments.

Annual Graduate Ball

Exclusively for graduates, this ball is an annual event for those on the threshold of the world of work. Networks are created and reflections of the academic experience are consolidated during this event.

Cultural Day Celebrations

The power and impact of cultural day celebrations on your education and workplace integration can never be underestimated! Every year, the Institution celebrates cultural day.

Emotional Intelligence

A journey through inner exploration

Oval hosts its annual Youth Leadership Programme for all students at its Tula Moya Leadership Sanctuary in the Valley of a 1000 Hills. At this sanctuary, students engage on a journey of inner exploration unlocking their infinite human potential.