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With a multitude of degrees, diplomas, certificates & short learning programs on offer contact us to find out we can help you realise your dreams. Our programs and courses are offered in both contact and distance education streams.



About Us

South Africa's foremost independent higher education institution.

Our vision is to be a learning organisation that develops cutting edge learning programmes to meet regional, national and international educational and commercial standards, goals and expectations. Find out more about us.




Our alumni have exceeded their own expectations

Our alumni have found themselves at the forefront of large enterprise both locally and internationally. In colloboration with the business leaders we have on our mentorship programs your success is now in your hands.



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With campuses throughout Southern Africa and the first institution to offer blended learning environments contact us to find out more about your educational future.


A Progressive Curriculum in everything we do

Science & Technology

Degrees and Diplomas with a specialisation in computer sciences, software & internet development and networking.

Further Education and Training

Certificates and courses in specific real world processes including office administration; IT End-User and tech support, system development and bookkeeping.

Management Sciences

Degrees and Diplomas on marketing, financial & human resource management and public relations

Short Learning Programs

Quick and precise ecucational programs to gain a short term (within three months) specilisation in various business areas.

Hospitality and Tourism

Degrees and Diplomas in the sciences of hospitality, travel and tourism

Corporate Training

Our niche corporate training services allows your organsiation access to our lectures, specialists and leaders to focus on specific areas in your organisation.

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